Building your child's future... creatively.
Creative Child Care - Building a Future for Your Child:

The building blocks of intellect and character are stacked early in life. Social and medical researchers agree that from ages 1 to 6, human beings learn and develop more than at any other time in their lives. National studies confirm that a high quality child care program plays a valuable role in shaping a child's future during those crucial early years. There is conclusive evidence that children stimulated by developmentally appropriate experiences, and enriched by interactions with peers and supportive adults are better prepared for formal education and productive adulthood.
Our Goal for Your Child - Building a Sense of Self-Worth and Value:

Our primary goal at Creative Child Care is to offer experiences which will help your child develop a positive sense of self-worth and value. As we work to provide engaging and innovative activities for his or her intellectual development, we strive also to provide for the social, physical, emotional and creative needs of the total child. We work as partners with parents whenever we can throughout the child's formative years, encourage a lifelong love of learning and a desire to pursue it, support parents in preparing your child for a productive and responsible role in a complex, global society
Sharing our Strengths - Building Partnerships with Parents:

Few opportunities in life are as rewarding as the chance to make a difference in a child's life. Similarly, few life decisions seem as profound as the ones parents make about the care and development of their children during the times they cannot be with them, whether by necessity or by desire. We take seriously the responsibility for developing young minds, bodies and characters and we share that responsibility with parents whenever possible. As a parent of a child enrolled in a Creative Child Care center, you can expect to share in your child's growth through:
  • An open-door policy encouraging your participation and observation on a planned or unplanned basis at any time.
  • Daily contacts with your child's caregivers and instructors.
  • Teacher conferences and open houses.
  • Newsletters, fliers, and bulletin board announcements about our activities.
  • Any interactions, which help us work as a team to address your child's total development, increase their security away from home and supplement the care they receive from their family.
  • Advice and counsel, whenever, is welcomed based on our staff's professional training, on-the-job seasoning, and experience working with your child.
A Not-So-Typical "Day Care" - Building a Reputation for Distinction:

Cookie cutters produce festive desserts - real or the Play-Doh™ variety. "Cookie cutter" child care programs, designed by corporate giants with little thought for the individual community, often suffer from their sameness. Locally owned, carefully monitored, and purposefully limited in size and scope to govern their quality, the five centers operated by Creative Child Care are each as distinctive as the children who frequent them and the center directors who oversee them. Owners and administrators, local residents, are involved in the management and maintenance of the centers, ready to respond quickly to opportunities for enhancement.
Building Security Through Structure:

The daily routine at a Creative Child Care center includes a balance of active and quiet play, solitary and group activities, with a variety of opportunities for flexibility and program variation. A carefully planned, consistent program, tailored to the needs of children at each class level, adds to the child's sense of security. Muscles and minds alike are exercised in activities which are developmentally appropriate for each child.

Non-Discrimination Facility:

Creative Child Care Inc prohibits discrimination in employment, educational programs, and activities on the basis of race, national origin, color, creed, religion, sex, age, disability, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity, or associational preference. This organization also affirms its commitment to providing equal opportunities and equal access to its facilities.